The Main Jubilee Hall

At ground level the Jubilee Hall which has a sprung dance floor, lots of natural light for day time use and lights which are dimmer controlled.  A serving hatch opens to the room from the Kitchen to help with serving refreshments.

Adequate chairs and tables enable flexible use of the room such as for dining,  meetings or conferences.

Up to 100 people can be accomodated depending on the intended use.

jubilee hall           main hall

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brittania room

The Brittania Meeting Room

The comfortable and quietly pleasant surroundings of this well equipped and light room, are ideal for Meeting away from the work place.

It is available at very reasonable cost which includes the use of tables, chairs and flip charts.

Ideal also for buffets as part of the use of the Main Hall.

Maximum of  40 people can be accomodated.

In Praise of Yoga

The earliest archaeological evidence of Yoga is provided by a number of stone seals showing figures in yogic postures. Extracted from the Indus Valley they date from about 3,000 B.C. Written texts, the Vedas, date from 2,500 B.C. Yoga is not a religion, it is a philosophy for life, but can enhance religious belief. Yoga teaches non violence, honesty in thought and deed, selflessness, non possessiveness and moderation in all things. Yoga means “Union”. This Union refers to the physical body, the vehicle, the mind, the driver, and the soul, man’s true identity. Balance of these three brings true harmony.

Asanas, the name for yogic poses, improve circulation, tone the entire body, strengthen the back, energise and rejuvenate, also improve the immune system. Correct breathing increases the oxygen that enters the blood stream, purifying and regenerating.

When muscles are relaxed our mind also relaxes. Our reaction to all events begins in the mind. We all understand the “fight or flight” pattern of response. This tension places great strain on the various body parts and is a huge drain on energy. Meditation is the science of stilling and controlling the mind. Benefits are a sense of calm and control, improved memory, lowered blood pressure, a feeling of well being, improved ability to focus and concentrate and decreased stress and anxiety.

Love is within me, around me, protecting me. I am full of peace and harmony.

The photographs are of some of the Monday class.

Submitted by Dawn Allen

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The Conservatory (Green Room)

This is a recently built extension accessed by triple folding doors from the Main Jubilee Hall.
It has a floor area of 36 sq metres
outside conservatory green room May Ball

The Kitchen

A serving hatch opens from the Jubilee Hall to the Kitchen to help with serving refreshments.

The Kitchen is well equipped with a professional six burner range with ovens and grill, microwave, new dishwasher, refrigerator, quality crockery and cutlery.
kitchen hatch Twynham prom